One Possible Solution To The Chrome Memory Leak

Like many people, I have had an issue with the Chrome memory leak. In a nutshell, the computer inevitably slows to a crawl and Windows Task Manager shows at least one chrome.exe process taking up >1GB of memory (and growing). I first tried to partially inactivate the Adobe Shockwave Player as suggested here (related, also see here). This seemed logical as one of my symptoms was that Shockwave would regularly crash in the browser. This did not work, but completely inactivating Shockwave did as follows:

  1. Go to chrome://plugins
  2. Click the “details” tab on the far right.
  3. Control f and search “Shockwave”.
  4. Click “disable” at the bottom of the listing (there may be more than one listing; In addition to Adobe Shockwave Flash plugin I also have Adobe Shockwave for Director plugin).
  5. Reboot browser

If this fixes your memory leak problem, it might be a good idea just to remove Shockwave entirely in the control panel. As far as I can tell Shockwave does absolutely nothing useful for me, however some people play Shockwave-based games. I am just happy to have my browser back.

Regarding multiple (sometimes MANY) chrome processes running in Windows, this is due to the fact each tab and extension has it’s own Windows process. If you want to keep memory usage down, keep track of memory usage by your tabs and extensions. All Chrome processes can be reviewed by right clicking the title bar and selecting “Task manager”. Extraneous extensions can be removed by going to chrome://extensions/. This way you can reduce total memory usage by Chrome.


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