Grant Review

I am reviewing grants for study section. I intend on spending as much time as needed on each application to do a thorough and thoughtful job and provide constructive feedback. This means I need to plan in advance for the significant amount of time this will take. Too often I see my colleagues reviewing their entire stack of grants the week before the deadline (or worse). To do this and complain about the quality of review of their own grants is hypocrisy.


3 thoughts on “Grant Review

    • My expectation levels are low when it comes to my own grants. I have been burned so many times. My goal at the minimum is to review apps like I would like my own app to be reviewed.

  1. I start skimming the moment I get them to let them begin to sink in. Then I accumulate needed background info and get organized.

    My “bargaining” with the universe is that I do the job on a review that I would like to be done on my grants (exactly as noted above). I also believe that my critique needs to be clearly justified such that it has value to program and applicant.

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