Real Effects Of The Shutdown On The Boehninglab

Most Americans are not directly affected by the shenanigans of those in Washington. Many have written about the effects of the sequester and diminishing NIH funding on biomedical science. However, this shutdown is having immediate tangible effects on my ability to do science.

  1. I am changing institutions in 3 weeks. My grant transfer has not gone through yet.
  2. I have a supplement request that cannot get submitted for a minority grad student (a so-called “diversity supplement”). It was supposed to start Nov. 1 (if funded). I doubt it will be funded now.
  3. I have a grant that was supposed to be reviewed by study section today. When is this going to happen and how? The rumor is that all missed study section meetings will be by phone in. If you have ever participated in a phone in study section, you realize how crappy the quality of peer review is in these “meetings”.
  4. I have two more submissions this round which have not been submitted. There is mass confusion about whether we should have submitted by the deadline or wait as was strongly encouraged by the NIH. Are they just going to skip this cycle?

Basically, I am pissed and I have my hands tied. We will see how this all pans out.


3 thoughts on “Real Effects Of The Shutdown On The Boehninglab

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