Blog Surprises

I set this blog up literally in minutes to get feedback longer than the one sentence I usually get on twitter. Little did I know the amount of hits and comments it would get (largely thanks to several retweets by some awesome twitter friends and a post by DrugMonkey). I have tried to make the blog look more respectable and I will have to learn the WordPress and blogging ropes, but hopefully this will last more than a couple of weeks. My posts will be almost exclusively about doing science in academia.

My first post was not intended to be contentious, but apparently it was nonetheless. There were several people who commented who felt that posting about NIH peer review with my real name may have some undesired consequences. This was a complete surprise to me, and made me re-read and second guess what I thought was an innocuous post. Regardless, it got me thinking about anonymity in blogs and twitter (many of the people I follow on twitter are at least pseudo-anons).  I decided that speaking my mind using my real identity in an open forum is one way to exploit my tenure, and I will continue to do so as I have on twitter for the last year or two.

I want to thank the initial influx of readers and commenters for visiting this blog, and hopefully I can provide at least some useful content on navigating academia as a research-intensive faculty member.


2 thoughts on “Blog Surprises

  1. Good stuff, looking forward to more posts. Anything to counteract the RockTalk thing coming out of NIH is good. Glad to hear you’re tenured, since these days the slightest mist-step is a good enough excuse for some universities to include non-tenured folks in their latest round of “right-sizing the faculty”.

    Re: wordpress, get the Askimet plug-in, unless you want your comments to be overrun with spam. It’s also a good idea to enable the security settings for access via 3rd party apps, so you can edit from your smartphone or tablet while on the go. And, of course, you want to back up your WP database every few weeks, and change your passwords every month – nothing worse than a hacked blog.

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